Quilting With Jinny

Choosing Quilt Colors with the Portable Palette

Jinny's Portable Palette is an indespensible tool for choosing colors for your quilts.

It's very similar to a painter's fan deck of colors. The Palette includes a 1 & (3/4)" x 7" swatch of each of the 150 fabrics in Jinny's Palette Collection. The fabrics shade beautifully from one color to the next, making it easy to find a range of colors that will work with your focus fabric, inspiration photo or color scheme.

Watch as Jinny shows you how to use the Portable Palette in variety of ways that are sure to help you choose the colors for your next quilt. And get more details on the Portable Palette below.

An Introduction to Border Prints

Jinny's border print fabrics are designed by a quilter (Jinny herself) for quilters. As a result, the fabrics can be used with minimum waste and maximum design possibility.

  • How Jinny first began using border prints in her
  • How to identify the seam allowances between stripes in the fabrics
  • How to calculate how much fabric is needed to frame q quilt with border print
  • How to find mirror-image motifs i the fabric for great design possibilities

Then be sure to explore this Working with Border Prints tips section to find all the free patterns and instruction on using border print fabrics in your quilts