Terry Clothier Thompson

Terry Clothier Thompson

An avid collector, quilt historian, author and fabric designer, Terry Clothier Thompson brings a unique design perspective to RJR. In her efforts to create authentic quilt fabric reproduction collections, Terry draws from her passion for history and fascination with American antique quilts. Her access to hundreds of quilts and thousands of vintage materials enables Terry to create truly unique and unforgettable reproduction lines. "Over the 15 years I have designed fabric," says Terry, "I always search for something that I have never seen before. I focus first on finding that antique quilt to serve as the inspiration behind the line. The fabric designs are then adapted from the quilt and the wonderful history that pulls all the pieces together is told."

When Terry was a little girl, she loved to play at her grandparents' farm in Peace Creek, Kansas. She learned about the simple pleasures of farm life, and the trials and tribulations of a Kansas homestead. Born into the fifth generation of a Kansas pioneer family, Terry learned to quilt while watching her grandmother and aunt quilt during visits to the family farm called Peace Creek. She made her first quilt in 1976, which was made from fabric scraps she saved from a dress she made for her daughter.

In 1973, Terry opened one of the first quilt shops in the Midwest, The Quilting Bee, a destination store for quilters and people wanting to sell their family heirloom quilts and vintage cotton fabrics. Terry explains, "Over the eleven years I ran and operated the Quilting Bee, I amassed and catalogued fabrics, and learned how to properly date and document them. Today, I have hundreds of antique swatches in my collection. My library of fabrics date from c. 1800-1825, 1850-1875, 1900-1925, 1935-1945, and 1950."

Although The Quilting Bee is no longer in operation, Terry continues collecting fabric and reaching out to reproduction fabric lovers. Her 3-day FabriCamp© teaches women how to date antique quilts. Shares Terry, "The history of women and quilts go hand in hand. I now present my FabriCamp workshops with historical readings. We learn about the women, fabrics, political and economical influences behind the quilts. My goal for my workshops is for my students to learn how to date their quilts so that they can go on to becoming quilt appraisers or knowledgeable collectors while gaining a deeper understanding of the history behind our quilt heritage. This makes the quilt making process so much more meaningful."

Terry was a principal fabric documentor for the Kansas Quilt Project and authored three books for Kansas City Star Quilt Books including, Quilts Through the Camera's Eye, Libertyville, and Four Block Quilts, and co-authored with Nancy Hornback two appliqué books on red and green quilts including: Quilts in Red and Green and the Women Who Made Them, and Red, Green and Beyond. She is the creator behind two popular new tools, The Vine Line, a tool to make it easier to mark vines in appliqué borders, and The Border Line, a new plastic template for seven unique appliquéd border shapes. Terry currently designs patterns for Peace Creek Pattern Company. She makes her home in Lawrence, Kansas.