Kim Martin

Kim Martin

Kim Martin is a self-trained watercolor painter. In her 25-year career, she has created over 7,000 designs for large greeting card publishers including American Greeting Cards, Hallmark and Papyrus. In addition, Kim's artwork is licensed by leading book publishers Templar Books, Simon and Schuster, and Cowley Robinson Publishing. Her designs are prevalent in the gift industry and can be seen in tableware, wallpaper, packaging and fine stationery. Shares Kim, "I like to create magical, whimsical characters and happy designs with movement. I like my character designs to invoke a feeling or emotion, whether it is a sense of fun, affection excitement or anticipation. If you smile when you're painting it does reflect in the design, especially when it comes to painting the faces of my characters. Faces are such an important element of character development and can make or break a design."

She adds, "I am still developing and improving my skills. I don't think that as an artist you can ever afford to be complacent; it's an outward journey of new directions within a constantly moving and challenging environment. I am always striving to get the design right and take the view that you are only as good as your last design."

In addition to painting, Kim is an avid sewer and dressmaker. "I was extremely happy when RJR contacted me and wanted to use my designs for quilting. I have always loved patchwork quilts and proudly own two. A great deal of love and hard work goes into making a quilt and it is so lovely to think that someone has chosen one of my designs to use for their quilt," says Kim.






Kim Martin